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“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)

Anatolian Electro Folk

Cem Yildiz saz, electro, vocals

Emre Geriş electro

Welcome to the psychedelic and folk acid universe straight out of Istanbul and Anatolia!

Merging Anatolian music with psychedelic and folk acid style, multi-instrumentalist CEM YILDIZ is on tour in Türkiye and abroad with album “I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar). The acoustic version of “Stil”, his first collaboration with international hit Acid Arab, is also included in the album.


"Modern Time Troubadour" Cem Yildiz graduated from Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory. Having a prolific career with solo works, series/film soundtracks and collaboration with the international hit Acid Arab, Cem Yıldız has performed in world-famous electronic music festivals and stages in Türkiye and Europe, like Montreux Jazz Festival and Sonar Barcelona. 

Cem Yıldız and “Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar” album

“Since my conservatory period, I have always been in search of a different sound. In this process, I spent a lot of time connecting this sound with my instrument and Turkish folk music. In this journey that I started with Orient Expressions and continued with Insanlar bands, the contribution of my foreign musician friends with whom we have signed many collaborations is undeniable. My first solo recording KÜN in 2019, followed by ŞAH and BEN UÇARIM GÖKLER UÇAR albums released on digital platforms are the concrete state of this search for a sound that I have been following for a long time”.

Venues and festivals where Cem Yildiz performed

Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Sonar Barcelona (Spain), CTM Festival (Germany), Dekmantel Festival (Holland), Nuits Sonores (France), Bad Bonn Kilbi (Switzerland), Love Rave (Denmark), Garbicz (Poland), Rencontres Trans Musicales (France), VuuV Festival (Germany), Chill-Out Festival (Türkiye), Cappadox (Türkiye), El Barrio De Europa (Germany), Baleapop Festival (France), Other Futures Festival (Holland) …

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Booking Türkiye & Worldwide 

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“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)
“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)
“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)
“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)
“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)


"Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar"

I Fly, The Skies Fly

“I Fly, The Skies Fly” (Ben Uçarım Gökler Uçar)


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