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French songs, Gypsy, Rock, Hiphop

Expect surprises from this crazy crew! More than a concert; an amazing party, a communal experience!

A show that stays in the memories wherever it goes.

"This quintet with a wandering spirit mixes languages and genres, joyful rhymes and rhythms which brings good mood to the body". Le Monde newspaper

For La Caravane Passe, the point of view is always that of the traveler. Toma Feterman and his partners have been leading this musical and festive caravan for twenty years across the five continents. 

The band stand for a nomadic spirit and bring their unique and eclectic mix of hip-hop, gypsy music, chanson française and oriental, to deliver a performance that has no borders.


Co-author and producer of Rachid Taha’s last album Je suis Africain (I am African), Toma Feterman and La Caravane Passe are back in 2020 with a brand new album "Nomadic Spirit". 

For each and every one of us, sedentary people, here is a bit of the nomadic spirit reweaving invaluable social bonds. To give us back the forgotten freedom of travel.

Toma Feterman

vocals, guitars, trumpets, mandolins

Olivier Llugs Llgany

trombone, fiscorn, conques, vocals

Cyril Zinzin Moret

saxophones, flutes

Ben Body

bass guitar

Pat Gigon


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*exc. Fra, Switz, Belg, Ger, Aust, Spa, Ita, Jap*

In agreement with W Spectacle

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© Tijana Pakic


© Tijana Pakic



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