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From Father To Son, A Clarinet Legend

Turkey, Balkans, Gypsy

One Breath, Three Generations


Son of a monument of the Turkish music, Selim Sesler, who was known as “Coltrane of Clarinet”, Ramazan perpetuates a unique style that left its mark on Turkey and the Balkans, and pays tribute to a family lineage with the live performance “From Father To Son, A Clarinet Legend”.

Ramazan Sesler reveals all aspects of his instrument and leads us from fine makams to Balkans rhythms, and to festive and sometimes melancholic atmospheres of the taverns of the Bosphorus!

Music is heritage in “Sesler” family, and their destiny is that of a part of Turkey. The clarinet master Ramazan Sesler is continuing a tradition of three generations, from Greece to Keşan in Turkey, then to Istanbul and the international scene.

Ramazan Sesler clarinet
Bülent Sesler qanun
Hasan Demir oud
Emre Türkmen bass guitar
Yaşar Akpençe percussion
Volkan Çanakkaleli percussion

Management Caféturc Music & Arts

Recent and upcoming concerts Istanbul Jazz Festival, Babylon Istanbul, Akbank Jazz Festival (Istanbul), Izmir International Cinema and Music Festival, Jazz Club Moods (Switzerland), Welcome in Tziganie (France), La Ferme d’en-Haut (France), Fora de Si Festival (Portugal)

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Reportage : Cem Kayıran

In the frame of Akbank Jazz Festival (2021)



Babadan Oğula (From Father To Son) • Sony Music 

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