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Rémi Panossian piano

Maxime Delporte doublebass

Fred Petitprez drums

RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO distills passionate and lyrical jazz, with rock energy and a cheerful groove. The trio’s openness to new sounds has won over a mixed audience over the course of the albums and concerts. Ingenious and eclectic jazz that takes the audience on a unique experimental journey.


The three accomplices, both in life and on stage, have performed more than 500 concerts in around 40 countries on some of the most prestigious jazz stages: Jazz in Marciac, Paris New Morning, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Montréal Jazz Festival, Jazz à Sète, Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Taichung Jazz festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Vladivostok Jazz Festival etc…


Rémi Panossian, the prolific leader of the trio, also performs the piano solo project “DO” (below). 


Management France & Worldwide

Caféturc Music & Arts



A 5th album in 2020, January


RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO celebrates its 10th anniversary and has returned to its roots by recording a 5th album in the pure tradition of acoustic trios. In Odd We Trust, an anniversary album in which live energy, which made the trio’s success, is honored.

Acclaimed by critics, the album was selected by FIP Radio in its "February albums list", followed by a live broadcast “Jazz Live” on TSF Jazz and “Open Jazz” on France Musique radios, while the tracks Seven Hills and Vengeance Tardive take place respectively in "Jazz for Work" and "Jazz Now" playlists on Deezer, and "State of Jazz" playlist on Spotify. Album has reached 550.000 streams on web.

In Odd We Trust, we believe in the strange. As its audience knows, those “enfant terrible of jazz” like to shake and challenge rules and habits. An inventiveness close to playfulness, in the service of poetic melodies, heady grooves, and the happiness to play together.

The title and the cover of the album show the color: fantasy, surrealism, imaginary, absurd.


On the occasion of this album, the trio offers a James Bond style clip with images from their fall tour in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and France.




Besides his trio project with whom he performed on prestigious jazz stages all around the world, Rémi Panossian presents a piano solo “DO”. In this project, the artist expresses himself in a direct and intimate way.


Do, the note do …  

Means the “island” in Korean, the “way” in Japanese, the “stone” in Tibetan,” to accomplish” in English ...

So many meanings to this word, so many internal resonances to Rémi Panossian.


Lover of melodies, Rémi Panossian’s lives are energetic, captivating, and organic (orgasmic). On stage he gives life to his music, between poetic delicacy, rock references, and flamboyant lyrical style.




For 12 years, when he was not touring the world with his RP3 trio, Rémi performed solo piano every Tuesday in "Rest’O Jazz" club in Toulouse.

In 2016, the artist realized two solo tours in Asia; then the desire to engrave this music grows. When he returned, he decided to record the solo at Rest’O Jazz, in this place full of memories.

In order to be closer to what animates him, for his first solo album, he teams up with his friend and longtime accomplice the trumpeter, composer Nicolas Gardel to whom he confides the artistic direction. 

They record live, without touch-ups to stay close to emotion.



In Odd We Trust 2020 

Morning Smile 2017

Jazz Family 2015

Bbang 2013

Add Fiction 2011

The discographic adventure of the trio started in 2011 with Add Fiction which got a great reception from international press and audience. The same year, the band was selected as “Revelation of the year 2011″ by the French radio TSF JAZZ.

BBANG, the second album launched in 2013, was acclaimed by critics as well and made the band travel all around the world. 

In 2015 the band released Jazz Family, produced and mixed by DJ Eric Legnini, which is a great success. The album took place in the “September album selection” of FIP Radio and the “TOP 10 French albums” of the Inrocks, and was broadcasted by France Musique, France Inter, TSF Jazz and many other radio channels. The collaboration with Eric Legnini definitively sealed the constant will to open their sound to new landscapes and to an eclectic audience. Successful bet. 

The concept album Morning Smile (2017) featured many guests. Memories of encounters, trips and friendships.

The fifth album In Odd We Trust (2020) celebrated the 10 years of the trio. An anniversary album in which live energy, which made the trio’s success, was honored. The album is a great success in radios and digital platforms, and has passed the 500.000 streams mark!


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