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Striking grooves, captivating pop melodies, rock energy …

RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO distills passionate and lyrical jazz, with rock energy and a cheerful groove. The trio’s openness to new sounds has won over a mixed audience over the course of the albums and concerts. Ingenious and eclectic jazz that takes the audience on a unique experimental journey.


The three accomplices, both in life and on stage, have performed more than 500 concerts in around 40 countries on some of the most prestigious jazz stages: Jazz in Marciac (France), Paris New Morning, Tokyo Jazz Festival (Japan), Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Jazz à Sète (France), Jarasum International Jazz Festival (South Korea), Taichung Jazz Festival (Taiwan), Vancouver Jazz Festival (Canada), Vladivostok Jazz Festival etc…

Rémi Panossian piano

Maxime Delporte bass guitar

Fred Petitprez drums

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After a standing ovation and a sold-out concert in Paris at the New Morning to launch the new album "Sun Monkey Voltage", RÉMI PANOSSIAN TRIO is on tour in France, Hong Kong, the Philippines etc.

In media the new album is "Number 1" in the December selection on MEZZO TV, "album of the week" for FIP RADIO, on the front page of "Open Jazz" on radio FRANCE MUSIQUE, "3T" (best score) in TELERAMA magazine, "album of the day" on radio TSF JAZZ etc.

Sun, for the joy of playing together, of reinventing oneself again, of discovering more and more of the world.
Monkey, for the playfulness dear to the trio, its resolutely limitless creativity, and the complicity of these three friends whose live pleasure is contagious.
Voltage, for the electric turn of this seventh album.

Colorful, cinematic as possible, with "Sun Monkey Voltage", RP3 remains faithful to its own tradition and offers us a new repertoire that is mastered, generous, feel-good and groove to perfection... all this at the same time and without forgetting the arrival of a little news: the electric bass, which comes to offer a freshness and a little rock touch more than welcome to the trio's signature sound.


“RP3, c’est aussi et surtout des riffs mélodiques qui rentrent par une oreille pour ne jamais en ressortir. Une musique au groove ciselé façon haute couture, et d'une légèreté profonde dans les compositions et les arrangements, ponctués par un son devenu signature, dans la lignée des grands trios qui ont redessiné l'exercice de la formule piano / basse / batterie ces dernières années". Interview & Chronique par Alex Dutilh, fév. 2020, émission Open jazz. France Musique


“Diddley beat, claquements de mains, ruptures en tout sens, festivités binaires glissées entre deux courses poursuites ternaires, clarté constante du phrasé et chausse-trapes humoristiques placées ici et là, [...] on ne s’ennuie guère“. Chronique RP3 par Louis-Julien Nicolaou, nov. 2015, Les Inrocks

Recent and upcoming concerts

Jazz in Marciac (France), New Morning Paris, Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (France), Jazz à Juan (France), Jazz à Sète (France), Nancy Jazz Pulsation (France), Tokyo Jazz Festival (Japan), Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Jarasum International Jazz Festival (Corée du Sud), Taichung Jazz Festival (Taiwan), Enjoy Jazz Festival (Germany), Ystad jazz festival (Sweden), Haugesund Jazz Festival (Norway), Nisville jazz festival (Serbia), Nanjing jazz festival (China), Liège jazz festival (Belgium), Lagoa Jazz Festival (Portugal), Moods Zurich (Switzerland), Sao Paulo Jazz festival (Brazil) …

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Sun Monkey Voltage 2023

In Odd We Trust 2020 

Morning Smile 2017

Jazz Family 2015

Bbang 2013

Add Fiction 2011


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