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Founded in Paris, 1996
France | Türkiye | No Borders
Music & Performing Arts
Management - Booking - Production - Artistic Creation





Feel like a tree, alone and free, rustle together like the trees of a forest. Through music and art.
That is the reason of being of Caféturc Music & Arts.

Who we are?

Founded in Paris in 1996, established in France and Türkiye
member of ZONE FRANCHE, the French network of world music
a unique know-how of Turkish indie scene in music, theatre and dance
an artistic and event residency - Karagöz Art Center - in Aegean Sea
a bridge between people through art and culture

What we do?

management and booking of Turkish and French artists
tour management in all continents
new project design and production
advising and developing innovative programs for cultural institutions (like Cité de la Musique de Paris, Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, Auditorium de Lyon etc.)
event and festival organisation

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Countries where these months our artists are performing and where we are carrying out projects.

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