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Festive winds from Datça

balkan-gypsy & turkish





Cemal ARAM

mandolin, Irish flutes, melodica, vocals

guitar, harmonica, vocals


bass guitar

darbouka, cajon, davoul

RAMPAPA Band is the story of a moving to the province and nature, local and essential. The band established in the peninsula of Datça*, meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, is formed of five talented musicians who anchored there after leaving the sprawling and hectic Istanbul, as of many thirty-something artists, university graduates, or engineers in recent years.

Five artists with eclectic musical experiences and itineraries offer a festive and entertaining repertoire composed of pieces of Balkan, Gypsy and Turkish music. Led by the singer and musician Feride Sofugil, RAMPAPA Band sings in several languages of the Balkans, marks of its singular interpretation the popular repertoire, and euphorizes the audience by his enthusiasm.

After spreading from one cove to another on the peninsula of Datça, the energy of RAMPAPA Band has reached the cities of Turkey. The former city dwellers, regenerated on the banks of Datça, make blow their re-found soul. 

*pronounce Datcha

Feride Sofugil - mandolin, Irish flutes, melodica, vocals 
After being introduced to world music and several instruments, Feride Sofugil practiced the Irish flute. Then she discovered Balkan music and founded RAMPAPA Band, and developed the base of the group's repertoire.
Onur Hacet - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Man of practice, Onur Hacet is a multi-instrumentalist. He has the gift of playing more than one instrument at a time. He founded RAMPAPA Band with Feride Sofugil.
Cemal Aram - darbouka, cajon, davoul 
He has been practicing Turkish drums for 23 years and lived half of his life in France where he was a member of Chakaraka band with whom he has performed numerous concerts throughout Europe. Back in Turkey two years ago, he moved to Datça where he joined RAMPAPA Band.
Ilker Görgülü - violin 
He started violin in high school and graduated in the jazz/performance department of the Istanbul Bilgi University. Ilker Görgülü played as lead violinist in several orchestras. Music author and composer for theater pieces and movies, he settled in the quiet and peaceful Datça.
Umut Soysal - bass guitar 
As the youngest member of RAMPAPA Band, Umut Soysal started guitar practice in high school and then attended several courses. In search of a new musical adventure, he joined RAMPAPA Band.

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Amarisi Amarisi - Rampapa Band
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Lingo Lingo Şişeler - Rampapa Band
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Usti Usti Baba - Rampapa Band
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Çayır Çimen Geze Geze - Rampapa Band
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